New York Soup Co: Chunky Chicken Minestrone Soup

Super speedy lunchtimes are what I’m all about. In the new digital age, where emails are fired at you incessantly and situations can change in an instant, I’ve realised you have to be on the ball at all times. Therefore my pet hate is tying up valuable time having to queue for lunch only to fork out on an overpriced carb infusion in Soho.
So when New York Soup Co offered to send me some of their delicious soups, I jumped at the chance. I decided to throw myself in the flavour deep end and try some little different; Chunky Chicken Minestrone Soup from its ‘Skinny Range’. This soup is packed full of healthy veggies, chopped onions, cannellini beans and even tasty pasta twists (what a wonderful surprise!). My previous issue with minestrone is that I tend to find it very watery and flavourless but you certainly won’t have the problem here! The sauce is thick and reminded me of the Heinz baked bean tomato sauce with a chicken stock edge. The garlic is definitely noticeable so avoid if you’re planning on seeing friends after work. 
The great thing about New York Soup Co’s skinny range is that all of the soups are a fat bustling 123kcal per serving (and even better, there are two servings per pot!). You can pick up one of these bad boy soups at your nearest Tesco where they are currently on offer; two for £5. 

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