Review: Flat Iron, Beak St – Soho

Now, I’m not one to wait patiently for a table at London’s most anticipated no reservations restaurant, and last week was no other. That is why, I decided to find a way to get into Flat Iron, without having to wait even a matter of minutes.

Flat Iron Restaurant

Sundays are the day for this place, at around 2pm. Just four months since Flat Iron first opened its doors and there have been dining horror stories being banded around London, a one hour, two hour, and even a ghastly two and a half hour wait – now that is just not me. We were lucky to pop our heads around the door this weekend to find that, on a Sunday, there are tables a plenty in this 60 cover restaurant.


The menu is simple. Steak. Steak. And more steak. Perfect! One flat iron steak, weighing in at around 200g, served alongside a fresh green salad is priced at a reasonable £10. In layman’s terms, this is a fairly modest portion and looking around the restaurant, I could see young chaps on their second or third plates! The sides are varied and you can choose from beef dripping chips, today’s market greens, roasted aubergines with parmesan, Sophie’s salad (Blue Cheese, Candied Pecans, Lemon Dressing) and my favourite, creamed spinach.


The ‘Flat Iron’ steak is a newly founded cut, taken from the shoulder blade and has only been recently re-discovered as traditional butchers preferred not to shout about it as generally there are only two to four flat iron steaks per head of cattle, causing quite the supply issue.


The staff were in particularly good spirits (perhaps because the restaurant had a few spare tables for a change) but this made for a relaxed, jovial atmosphere and didn’t hamper on the quality of the service. A little more attentiveness wouldn’t have gone a-miss but a lazy Sunday it was, and who was complaining when we had a bottle of prosecco to polish off.


The food was speedy, our steaks arrived in a matter of minutes. I was surprised that my steak was a touch overcooked considering this is a steak joint through and through. Looking at the others that had arrived, unfortunately I think I was unlucky, but it was by no means ‘well done’. The meat was beautifully tender, juicy and simply moreish. One of the best parts for me was that all of the dishes that arrived were piping hot. I highly recommend ordering a few sides and sharing between the group of you.


The roasted aubergines had a crunchy, crisp top and the Parmesan cheese oozed between the layers of tomato puree and crushed basil leaves. My favourite side by far! You must, must, must order if you are paying a visit.

We were disheartened that there was no dessert menu, however moments later, our waitress arrived with a whipped cream dispenser, tipped it upside down and squirted a light cream coloured mousse into a sundae glass. Et voila, one salted caramel mousse for pud. Light, airy and not too buttery, the mousse was absolutely perfect way to round off our American grill experience.

image (30)

All in all, we were impressed that the bill barely hit £80 (three mains – £30, four sides – £12, three puds – £7.50 and one bottle of prosecco – £26)  – for London, that’s not too shabby!

Good steak, good vibe, and there’s even a bar with a long cocktail list below. We’ll be back (if there’s no wait!)

Flat Iron Steak, 17 Beak St, Soho, W1F 9RW. NO RESERVATIONS


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