Guest review: Wild Honey, Mayfair, London

Please welcome to my little food blog, Amy B.Smith, who wrote up this lovely review of Wild Honey in Mayfair. When I first heard she was visiting, I couldn’t wait to see what she thought! Do pop on over to Amy’s art made easy blog, Artwork Wednesdays to get your cultural fill without leaving your living room:

Thanks Amz! xx

Do you ever get one of those hangovers where a bog standard bacon sandwich in your local greasy spoon simply won’t do?


I woke up bleary-eyed on Sunday morning with a hankering for something that would restore some level of respectability to my shamed self. And, despite my wallet taking a beating the previous night, for something with a Michelin star (if you think this is eccentric, you have no idea the kind of expensive decisions I make when nursing a hangover).

A quick scrub later, my best friend and I met in possibly the worst place in the WORLD on a Sunday morning. Topshop on Oxford Street. Having said that, it’s possibly the worst place in the WORLD every day of the week; but my personal distaste for all things Phillip Green has no place on a food blog…


Anywho, off to Wild Honey we went. Based just off Regent Street, Wild Honey is far more centrally located than the other famed opening from the foodie pair Will Smith and Anthony Demetre, Arbutus. It didn’t start off well; the menu in the little lectern-like box thing outside was sellotaped on. Come on guys, that’s not cool, and certainly doesn’t scream quality to me. The service was, for lack of a better word, shite. But we ordered ourselves a couple of cocktails which went down a treat and got going on our starters.


First up, I thought I’d play it safe by ordering a soup. When you’ve spent a morning warding off the chunders, that sounds like it’d be a good idea. Not in Wild Honey, though. My soup (and yeah, I probably should have asked about it) came with a pomegranate, poached egg and a fucking flower in it. And yet, it was deelish! Not something I’d recommend whipping up at home, but deelish when left to the pros. Lulu went for the foie gras and brioche though, which beat my soup hands down. She won that battle…

Having sobered up a little, we went on to our main courses. My dinner date chose the salmon, which was out of this world. I went for the Sunday afternoon classic, the lamb. I’m a massive fan of lamb. Like, huge. Huge from eating all of that fatty, fatty lamb. The best I’ve ever had was in a little shack in a back street in Amman, Jordan. It was sooo good. And the best part? The Jordanians have an endless appetite, so it just kept coming all afternoon! Ah, that was a good day…

Right, lamb tangent. Sorry.

Back to Wild Honey.


Anywho, my lamb was cooked in a Moroccan style with cous cous, some roasted vegetables and the type of gravy that makes me want to pack it all in and spend my life’s earnings (about £20) researching how in the world they made that gravy so damn good. I wish I’d noted down the wine I had as well; few things in life are better than a glass of red with a tender chop.


To round it all off, I had a classic English custard tart which was admittedly nice; but I think they put a little less effort into the concluding course. That’s true of many restaurants though. The wild honey ice cream is definitely the one to go for and, given its name, I would imagine it’s a permanent fixture on the pudding menu.

So Wild Honey. Did it fight the hangover? Yeah, pretty well actually. Would I go back? For the service… meh. For the food, yes. I’ll just wait ‘til they open a gourmet takeaway.


Wild Honey, 12 St George St  London, Greater London W1S 2FB
020 7758 9160

Sunday lunch menu starts at £28.50 for two courses, £33.50 for three courses.


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