Review: BitterSweet, Kingly Court – Soho

BitterSweet is one of Soho’s latest little gems – a chic members club tucked away underneath Kingly Court, just off Carnaby St. The alleyway down to BitterSweet is conveniently placed between two of London’s hottest restaurants, Flat Iron and Polpo on Beak St, so it is a great place to while away the time waiting for a table, a quick after work drink or even a place that will impress on a first date.


We were invited down on a Wednesday evening and introduced to bar manager, Karol who took us through the impressive cocktail list. The menu is divided into the BitterSweet speciality cocktails signature cocktails and of course, the regulars such as your Mai Tais and Mojitos – all priced from £8 and if you visit between 5 – 8pm, all cocktails are half price! The speciality cocktails have been developed especially for BitterSweet, the bar’s namesake cocktails that infuse both bitter and sweet flavours to create an unusual taste.



First up, the Lychee & Ginger Mule – complete with an unnecessarily large ginger slice for decoration. Unlike most Moscow mules, the lychee really cut through the harsh ginger meaning that there wasn’t too much ‘burn’. I was unsurprised to hear that this cocktail came a close second to the best selling ‘Pinstripe’ cocktail, it was utterly delicious and very easy to drink. However, it was one of the least adventurous cocktails on the menu, so we decided to delve a little further…


On recommendation by Karol, the Café Du Peche was up next; a blend of exquisite Patron XO Café Tequila, peach schnapps, peach puree and egg whites. Served in a martini glass, this short cocktail packs a punch! There is something to be said for spending that little extra on quality alcohol – the Patron XO Café Tequila was absolutely delicious and you could taste the quality in every sip. The strength of the coffee beans complemented the overpowering kick of the tequila – such a great match. The cocktail itself is an acquired taste, a frothy foam top sits upon a dark and creamy viscous base and amid the flavours of coffee and peach taste there is a gentle fizz (most probably the egg whites reacting with the alcohol). If you’re a coffee fan, you will simply LOVE this cocktail. We just wish this cocktail went on for a little longer – certainly our favourite of the evening!


Since spending some time in Argentina, Cachaca has become one of my favourite spirits and a great addition to cocktails. Many people will have tried the Caipirinha, a Brazilian version of a mojito with muddled mint and Cachaca but BitterSweet’s Basilicious cocktail is one step further and certainly a more unusual cocktail on the menu. Using fresh strawberries, basil, Cachaca and pomegranate muddled over crushed ice, this cocktail is refreshing and perfect as a summer cooler.


If you’re feeling really brave, BitterSweet stock unusual liquours behind the bar that make interesting shots. We tried some of the Fireball Liquor – an intense infusion of alcohol and spicy cinnamon that sets your tastebuds alight with flavours. A must drink!


BitterSweet has two private booths that are available to hire for parties or large groups, you are also able to hire the whole venue – a nice idea if you fancy a swish party or corporate event for up to 120 people. The interior is modern and chic, the clientle equally so! I was most impressed by the professionalism of all the staff and their clear enthusiasm for cocktail making.


Whilst this is most definitely a members club, at the moment it is free to sign up online – take advantage whilst you can! If you do pop in, say hello to Karol from us xx


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