What’s hot this summer? Polo!

This summer just got hotter and I am back on the blog to tell you why. Barclaycard challenged me to think of my ultimate summer recommendation for its “Everything is Hotter in June” promotion, so here it is..

Head to the ‘burbs and watch some polo


If I had one recommendation for you this summer, it would be to get your glad rags on, pack a posh picnic and head out to the home counties to watch a spot of polo. Having spent time at university revelling both on and off the polo pitch, I am always eager for others to get involved. It’s not just for the Prince Williams and Harry’s – the sport of polo is so addictive, you’ll most certainly enjoy it too. There are plenty of matches coming up – both international and local scale. I would certainly recommend splashing the cash to head to a larger international game as they tend to have a wealth of trade stands selling gastro treats, luxury goods, polo gear and sophisticated pitch-sized speakeasys.

watching polo

My top picks of the upcoming International matches:

  • July 22nd: The Coronation Cup – Guards Polo Club, Windsor
  • July 28th 2013: Audi International Polo – Guards Polo Club, Windsor
  • May 2014: Gaucho International Polo, o2 Arena, London
  • June 2014: Mint Polo in the Park
  • June 2014: The Cartier International

polo 2

So , you’re game? What next.. here’s my bite-sized guide to blagging your way through your first game.

  1. Players – There are four players on each side – No 1 Attack, No. 2  Attack, No.3 Generally the most experienced on pitch as plays attack and defence, No.4 – Defence
  2. The aim of the game is to hit the ball into the oppositions goal as many times as possible whilst horse riding
  3. Each game is divided into sections called ‘chukkas’ – these are 7 minute time slots. Players will change horses after every chukka until the end of the game
  4. Each time a goal is scored, the ends change.
  5. To stop the opposition winning, there are two main defence tactics; Ride Off and Hooking
  6. Ride Off – a player is allowed to push their pony into their opponent’s pony to make them miss the ball
  7. Hook – a player is allowed to use their polo stick to block another player from hitting the ball. Particularly useful when they attempt to hit the ball.
  8. Finally, at half time or between matches, spectators are asked to help ‘tread in the divots’ – this is where you walk on to the pitch and make the surface of the pitch even by treading in the lumps of grass that have been uprooted by the horses thundering hooves.

Not only this, but being a Barclaycard holder myself, I have a constant memory of my past polo playing as you can upload a photo of your family, friends, good times or if you’re me.. your polo team! Here’s a little sneaky glimpse of the picky I have on my card.. why not add yours today?


What would your summer recommendation be? Would it be sporting, like mine, or perhaps something a little more unusual?


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