The search for the perfect cup…

Despite what you might think, this isn’t a fluffy post about finding the most exquisite home-wares range but in fact the start of an ongoing challenge

I would describe myself as a ‘coffee lover’ but the boy is certainly a ‘coffee addict’ – no doubt about that. As many will most certainly join the coffee capsule revolution this Christmas, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to find the country’s best coffee house quaffable…

Here is one fine example of a Flat White done relatively well;


The boy tells me the sign of quality is in the stiffness of the bubbles and high foam top (this specimen could carry the weight of a teaspoon!). Whilst the archetypal flat white should have a velvety texture throughout the drink, we felt this was a happy medium between cappuccino froth & wet latte drink – the best flat white we’d found on our journey so far…

The rich colour in the florette at the top can only mean little or no warm milk has transferred into the cup, diluting the espresso shot below (he would probably refer to “spoil” as opposed to transfer!)

So where can I find one, I hear you cry? Pretty damn good for a Costa coffee chain that churns out tens of cups every hour in Walton Upon Thames, Surrey. A fluke or well trained barista must have been working that day!

And so it begins..


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