Martin Miller’s Gin Cocktails

My new favourite spirit of choice has to be Martin Miller’s Gin. A taste sensation blending these 10 botanicals with the purest Icelandic water; familiar juniper, coriander, angelica, and orris root, coupled with the more unusual cassia, cinnamon bark, and liquorice, with citrus elements of bitter Seville orange peel and lime and hints of cucumber on the finish.

This post couldn’t be more poignant, as having made the first discovery of this splendid premium tipple over the Christmas period, news has been announced of the namesake founder’s death. On Christmas Eve 2013, the late Martin Miller passed away. So here’s to you, Martin and your fabulous creation (est.1999).

Here are two of my favourite Martin Miller’s Gin recipes below. Move over mulled wine, mulled gin with a dash of apple juice is the new festive thirst quencher. And no matter what the season, there is always room for the classic G&T. The team at Millers have sent across their tips on how you can make it the best yet!

Martin Miller's Mulled Gin

Martin Miller’s Mulled Gin


50ml Martin Miller’s Gin (a double shot)

100ml Apple Juice,

2tbsp of honey,

1 cinnamon stick,

3/4 cloves,

2 star anise,

a knob of ginger (crushed to release the flavour)

pinch of chilli flakes


Heat all ingredients gently on the hob and let those aromas escape. Strain into a glass and serve with a strip of orange zest and a cinnamon stick.

Martin Miller's Gin & Tonic

Martin Miller’s Gin & Tonic


COLD: It is most important to use all the ingredients as cold as possible – both the gin and lots of large ice cubes straight from the freezer

THE GLASS: The best type of glass is a large balloon style.  Perfect for holding the glass without warming the contents and for displaying the beautiful citrus and botanical aromas

GARNISH: Use a long twist of lime peel.  Lime is the floral pairing for Martin Miller’s, not lemon.  Don’t use the pulp of the lime either as this destroys the bubbles!  Then drop into the glass 3 or 4 juniper berries

BUBBLES: It’s the bubbles that bring out the nuances in Martin Miller’s gin, so be sure to keep as much fizz in the tonic as possible and we recommend Fever Tree Slimline Tonic water

BE PATIENT! Wait 30 seconds while all the ingredients mix and marry together.  Gently stir with the mixing spoon if needed.  ENJOY!


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