Shoreditch Street Art Night Walk with Paint Jam


So this post is my slight foray into the world of London’s street art, a world enveloping the edgy food hangouts and hotspots of Shoreditch, Spitafields and Hoxton.

Fancy something a little more cultural than exploring the inside of your local boozer on a Thursday evening? Yep, so did I. That’s why I decided to leap out of my thirsty Thursday habit and head down to Liverpool St station to join one of Paint Jam’s Street Art Night Walks. (Exactly what it says on the tin!)

Street Art

Pepi Martinez, our Paint Jam Night Walk tour guide, lead us on a magical mystery tour of hidden treasures. The nice thing about street art is that it is always evolving and cropping up in new places so no matter where and when you go, you are bound to see new pieces all of the time.

Now I shan’t give it all away but here are a selection of my fave pieces of the evening:

Fashion Street

street art birds


Taking in all this culture is bound to make anyone’s stomach rumble – especially mine! We stopped in at the Biegal shop and I picked up a deliciously moist Salt Beef Bagel with Mustard (£3.70) – to die for! Quite intense flavours but I will be back to try a naughty but nice, Cinnamon and Raisin bagel.


Shoreditch bagel

Stik Man
My favourite of all, the instantly recognisable ‘Stik Man’ by Stik. Previously homeless, Stick found himself rubbing shoulders with graf artists who allowed him to have a go when they had a small space at the edge of their pieces. Over the past two years, his stick men have gradually gained lots of attention and have catapulted him out of a life on the streets. A fab insight that Pepi let us into was that Stik teamed up with the Big Issue to distribute 600 of his famous Stik Men with copies of the magazine for free – a great way to give back to the community. 

madonna street art

Next time you’re out and about, stop for a minute and take in the scenery. You may find a hidden Banksy!

The Paint Jam Night Walks take place from 7pm – 9.30pm on selected Thursdays. Tickets are available for £12 per person from the Paint Jam website


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