5:2 diet snacks

This week I’ve given the 5:2 diet a whirl and had some great results. There’s no doubt that the two 500kcal days are very challenging but it’s easy to fit around a busy social schedule and the satisfaction that you feel after completing your fasting days is worth it!

Here are a few ideas for snacks when you’re on the 5:2 diet. They’ve certainly made my week a whole lot easier – highly recommended!

Kallo Fruity Muesli Thin

Kallo Fruity Muesli and Yoghurt Breakfast Thins – 66 calories (£1.99 for a six pack, Sainsbury’s)
At just a mere 66kcal, these fab vanilla yoghurt coated rice cakes from Kallo make a great treat. The top is scattered with a fruity burst of freeze dried raspberries and muesli oat flakes. They are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth but without the calories – perfect for an afternoon snack or small breakfast. I’ve originally tasted the plain yogurt coated rice cakes, which are also a great choice as they’re significantly thicker than these new breakfast thins. Other options in the range are dark chocolate thins

Itsu Detox Miso Soup

Itsu Detox Miso Soup – 189 calories – £2.99 at select Itsu stores

I don’t know how I’ve got through the 500kcal days without this great little product. An ample sized itsu pot is filled with authentic miso soup and thin crystal noodles. The soup has a rich flavour despite its transparent appearance – probably thanks to the edmame beans and two delicious veggie gyozas. Low in fat and also low in calories, miso soup is a popular choice with dieters as it is filling as well as very healthy and enriched with minerals.

Green tea with lemon

Green tea with lemon – 0 calories

When in dire need, a cup of green tea is a great way to take your mind off the hunger pangs. Getting up and distracting yourself by making a cup of tea as well as the appetite suppressing qualities of green tea is sure to help. Sometimes the body thinks it’s hungry when in fact it’s craving water to rehydrate. Why not try premium tea brands such as Higher Living or TeaPigs?

Fruit and veg are always a great way to add extra vitamins and minerals to your diet. Here are a selection of my faves:

  • 14 red seedless grapes – 46 calories
  • 12 cherries – 48 calories
  • a slice of smoked salmon on two Ryvita thins – 51 calories
  • one apple – 55 calories
  • half an avocado covered with chia seeds – 112 calories
  • two sticks of celery – 16 calories
  • seven carrot sticks – 31 calories

That’s a wrap. Do let me know if you’re currently on a diet, or if you’re taking the challenge and trying the 5:2 diet like me! x


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