NOSH Detox – Beginner 3 day juice diet – DAY ONE

I am thrilled to have been given the chance to try Nosh Detox’s Beginner 3 Day Juice Fast – I’ve always wanted to complete a juice cleanse but have previously lacked the will power to stick to it. So when Nosh got in touch and recommended their Beginner 3 day Juice Diet, I jumped at the chance to try it out and review my experience here.

You can try this cleanse for just £149, rather than £201, during August 2014 here.

First things first, Candice the NOSH nutritionist asked me to fill in a form which delved into my aims, current weight, health conditions and any allergies that I might have. Then an in depth handbook was sent across for me to read through a week before my juices arrived – this really is great as it gives you plenty of motivational hints and tips to help you stick on track and also what to expect when you’re on the juice detox.

Day 1 bag

Day 1 bag


  1. To complete the three day juice fast – no faltering and no giving in to bad habits
  2. To feel better and brighter within myself – not so bloated with clearer skin and shiny, bouncy hair
  3. To break my snacking habit and to curb irrational hunger pangs
    1. Bonus aim:  To lose a few holiday pounds that I’ve put on since Glastonbury 2014


My juices arrived the night before my detox was about to start. Inside the M25, Nosh Detox offer delivery from 6pm – 11pm so perfect timing for those needing to commute back home after work. All of the juices are separated into “day bags” with a schedule within each to show you clearly what to drink and when. A sachet of different teas was also in the pack together with some empty tea bags to create your own.

Nosh Detox Juice Fast - Day One

Nosh Detox Juice Fast – Day One

Here’s how my day went:

8am: Drink Gingerade – Ginger and Lemon Tonic (the healer)

I am rather nervous but excited about my intrepid juice detox journey. The first sip of the small ginger and lemon tonic water was quite bitter but gradually the after taste lessened and was quite pleasant towards the end. I feel light and cleansed already! All in all, I am feeling very pleased with myself that I’ve started and am determined to power through today

10am: Philosophy 1 smoothie – “The Rehydrator” – Orange, Banana, Grapes, Coconut and Acai Powder

A grab and go first juice as I’m hitting the road en route to a meeting. The juice bottle easily fits into my handbag and was easy to drink on the way. Full of fruit, but not too sweet and sickly. I noticed that unlike my homemade smoothies, there aren’t really any large bits, just some very small banana pieces. The coconut water is clearly the base juice and is obvious within every sip – very substantial and filling for the morning
Liquid Lunch

Liquid Lunch

1pm: Protein Smoothie – “The Eliminator” – Mango, Pineapple, Blueberries, Peach and Acai Powder

Meeting a friend for lunch was tricky, even though my lunch does look appetising. A thick mango smoothie rich with antioxidants. I can taste the pulp and skin in the juice – this was quite drying after every sip. It was very filling – in fact the quantity of the smoothies is great, easily 500ml per smoothie (a total of 2ltr of juice per day)  Sat with my friend, it was quite tricky to ignore what she was eating and I did find myself eyeing up her lunch!
2pm: Rather hungry now. My head has started to ache and my stomach is realllllly rumbling. Tips in my handbook were to distract myself and I’ve walked out to the local supermarket to buy a large 2ltr bottle of still water. Just drinking water to trying and ignore my stomach
Bark Tea

Bark Tea

2.30pm:  Herbal Tea Time – Cascara Bark Tea

A deep orange colour in my mug. Certainly what I needed to trick myself into ignoring the hunger. Not a great experience, probably one of the most bitter teas I’ve tasted.  This experience wasn’t very enjoyable but my stomach is starting to really protest so anything is better than nothing! The only thing I can liken it to is like drinking a hot mug of Campari. Never again – even if it does detox my liver and gall bladder!
3.00pm: I’m having to drink lots of water just to rid myself of the taste in my mouth from the Bark Tea. Really finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks and also losing my train of thought very quickly

4.30pm – Philosophy 2 Smoothie -“The Healer” – Spinach, Avocado, Apple and Mango

I’m back in the zone, my stomach rumbling has subsided. I’m feeling empowered and the mantra on the front of this juice really resonates with me; “Change is inevitable, suffering is optional”. This juice is really refreshing and a great cleanser. It’s clear it has mango inside but it’s not fruity – more light and cool, with plenty of minerals. The creamy texture of the avocado sings through
Herbal Tea

Herbal Teas

5.15pm – Herbal Tea Time 

To be totally honest, I am finding it tricky to finish the juices in the stated times – there is just lots of liquid to get through and I want to savour them as they’re delicious. Also my working hours means it’s not always possible to get to a kettle, unfortunately I’ve had to skip this herbal tea but also unsure which is which as they’re all numbered for six days, rather than three. Yet there are three herbal tea times per day on my schedule..  Bit confused!
6.00pm – I’ve made it. I’ve a clear a sense of achievement that I’ve finished my first working day. I feel quite disconnected from food; looking at food photography and magazines isn’t bothering me anymore and feel powerful that I can resist and stick to the juice fast.

8.00pm – Philosophy 3 Juice: “The Rejuvenator” – Carrot, Apple and Orange Juice

A brightly orange coloured juice. The sweetness of the carrot and orange juice is noticeable in this juice as are the small pieces of orange pulp. My hunger has practically gone and I am feeling good about this evening. My concentration levels are back and I’m able to tap away writing this post relatively quickly. However, feeling quite tired and ready for bed soon.

9.00pm – Warm Nut Mylk

I took the advice on the instructions and warmed this last juice one hour before I go to bed. A short minute in the microwave has warmed this up and is making me feel very sleepy indeed. A delicate coconut milk taste is complemented by the rich and creamy texture. Quite like a milkshake. What a way to end the day!

Yay for juicing!


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