Day Two: NOSH Detox Juice Fast


Nosh Detox Juice Fast - Day Two

Nosh Detox Juice Fast – Day Two

8am: Drink Gingerade Tonic
Up nice and early after a great sleep – probably the best I’ve slept in a while. Feeling very upbeat and energetic. Even looking forward to my Gingerade this morning
9.15am: Herbal Tea Time: Olive Tea
Arrived at the office and popped the kettle on for the next herbal tea. Olive tea looks like dried olive tree leaves and doesn’t really have a particular taste but it’s definitely palate cleansing and refreshing. Much nicer than the bark tea yesterday (eugh!)
9.45am: Herbal Tea Time: Olive Tea
Topping up my herbal tea time with another dose of hot water. That will see me through until the first smoothie
11.00am: Philosophy 1 Smoothie – Flaxseed berry, banana, mixed berries, grapes and apple
I’ve definitely been counting down the minutes to this smoothie. Pretty much the same taste as yesterday but is much thicker than the other smoothies that I’ve had so far. I tried to drink it through a straw to make it last longer – made it very hard to drink! Still very tasty and enjoy the grape skins within the juice
1.00pm – Protein smoothie – Acai powder, pineapple, mango, blueberries and peach 
Again, I’m looking forward to lunch but upset to see that it is the same smoothie as yesterday. I’m finding that I’m much more aware of food and food smells in the office. Made the decision to leave the office for my smoothie and get some fresh air to escape the cooked food smells. Outside, I try the emotional detox methods such as ridding all of the negative thoughts that I’ve had the past week and throughout this morning. Taking deep breathes and closing my eyes is calming but still am very aware of the people around me eating. I head back to the office feeling clear headed and ready for the next half of the day.
2.30pm – Herbal Tea Time: Olive Tea
Having the second half of my olive tea puts me in a good mood. However, conversations with my boyfriend about tonight’s dinner (for him) are killing me! Still good that I feel ok and alert though, I genuinely thought by this point I would be flagging but infact that’s not the case
3.00pm – halfway through my tea and enjoying it. 
4.15pm – I’m sat in a meeting and all I can think about is food, getting very tempted by the biscuits and sweets on the side but powering through
Nosh Detox Healer Smoothie

Nosh Detox Healer Smoothie

4.45pm – Philosophy 3 Smoothie – green synergy powder, green leaves, banana, kiwi and oranges
Excellent news that it’s time for my next smoothie and I’m into the home straight. Slightly different to yesterday’s as it doesn’t have the avocado but instead replaces with spring greens and a smattering of kiwi seeds. This will certainly keep me through until dinner and absolutely loving the mantra on the back! Am struggling to keep my train of thought again – must concentrate!
8.00pm: Philosophy 4 Smoothie – goji berries, passion fruit, orange, mango and lime
Love the chunks of passion fruit seeds through this smoothie – makes it crunchy and a different texture to the previous drinks. Think this has been my favourite of all! A tiny bit difficult to concentrate on enjoying it whilst my friends are tucking into a delicious dinner before we head out to the cinema. Being quizzed on my detox raising questions about the sugar content of the smoothies – they are very sweet and absolutely delicious. Surely there must be a link between this and why I’m feeling so alert. Will definitely try to find out why!
8.45pm: My friends have ordered drinks at the cinema, the people next to us are tucking into pizza and hot dogs and the smell of garlic bread is overwhelming! Oh what I would do for some cashew nuts! But, juice diet before toxins! It’s all about “choice” – the following pinterest motivational image comes to me that I’d spotted a few weeks ago..


11.00pm: Nut Mylk
Not as nice as yesterdays, lots more bits but still nice to finish the day with. Definitely enjoy this heated up rather than cold.

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