NOSH DETOX: Day Three Juice Detox

Here’s day three of Nosh Detox’s Beginner 3 Day Juice Fast. You can see the first day here, and the second here.

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NOSH Detox range

NOSH Detox day three


8am – Gingerade

I’m feeling a bit emotional this morning, didn’t sleep particularly well and I know they’ll be quite a lot of stress today as I’m off on holiday for a long weekend so plenty of organising to be done. One sip of my gingerade brings me back in the zone. Ready to settle and tackle any negative thoughts. Think even after the juice fast, I will continue to make this part of my every day routine. I usually wake with a hot lemon water but the chilled lemon and ginger drink is far nicer – especially for the summer

9am – Herbal Tea Time: Mint Tea
My favourite herbal tea so far – I’m not usually a lover of mint but love the taste. Looking in the mirror, my skin definitely looks clearer and any uneven pimples over my cheeks and chin have gone. Definitely working!
11am – Philosophy 1 Smoothie: grapes, strawberry, pear, apple, lime and flaxseed for Omega 3,6 and Protein
Very excited today as this morning’s smoothie is strawberry based – exactly what I need. A little change up and a “mood food” booster – definitely what I need! Loving the taste of this smoothie – mainly as it doesn’t include mango, I’m getting rather sick of mangoes and the sweetness. Fruity and refreshing – this has been my favourite
1pm – Busy with work so luckily no time to think about the next smoothie
1.30pm – Protein Smoothie 
Still loving the sweetness of this smoothie. The one great thing is that I’ve not really gone hungry throughout my tox. I am starting to feel on edge because work is getting busier
3.00pm – Not had chance to leave my desk yet. Am starting to feel the effects of last night’s poor sleep. Really tired now. Maybe a new hot tea will help. I choose the Olive Tea
Herbal tea

Herbal tea

3.10pm – Astragalus Tea
A strong and peculiar taste, earthy and umami more than anything. Not unpleasant. The tea itself is lightly coloured. One of the things that I don’t really like, is that you have to make your own tea bags with the loose tea provided. 
4pm – the girls have cracked out the sweets and peanut butter. Not bothered but trying to avoid the food area / kitchen at all costs.
5pm – Philosophy 3 Smoothie
I am so sick of smoothies now! Especially mango. However, I am feeling clearer headed and working faster as a result. Even though this is the healer and had been previously one of my favourites, I am drinking to get through it. Not much longer
juice detox
8pm – Philosophy 4 Smoothie
Last ever smoothie! Yay. Yes, I did have a victory selfie.. unashamed! I enjoy this one on the train down to Somerset. Thinking of all the tasty things that I am going to enjoy this weekend. I also reflect on my time through the juice diet, and how much I have surprised myself by being able to stick to it. I definitely think the fact that there is a schedule and routine helps. Not to mention the fact there would have been a significant financial investment (thanks to Nosh for providing these juices for me). 
10pm – Nut Mylk
My parents are teasing me about my Nut Mylk and eating a delicious dinner. Had to stay away from the dinner table. Definitely the hardest part of my journey knowing that I am so close to finishing and I could easily cave in to my favourite foods that are being offered to me on a plate (literally!). I stay strong and head off for an early night. 

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