Norcotts Cider – West Country’s best!

There’s not many places that I love more than Devon & Somerset and not many drinks that I love more than I truly love cider.. (apart from perhaps Champagne or gin cocktails teehee)..So when presented with the best of both, by the man himself, Chris Norcott, I was smitten his new drink on the block.

The range of Norcotts Ciders

The range of Norcotts Ciders

Norcotts cider is a family business based in the West Country – Devon to be precise – run by husband and wife duo Chris and Nicola Norcott. Chris started up Norcotts in 2012 after working in the industry for over ten years, after being tired and fed up of super sweet fruit ciders – hear hear!

Chris with his ciders

Chris with his ciders

I can vouch for the fact that the Elderflower is the best of a very good bunch – yes, I tried them all (only mini samples mind!). Not too sweet or too dry but pleasantly fruity and refreshing. The bubbles are subtle and every sip leaves you hanging on for more. Yum!

Although there’s been a resurgence of wild and wacky flavours in the cider market, I’ve never had an elderflower combination. It’s a real winner. Following closely behind by the Raspberry and Orange then Cranberry. If you still need convincing, all three of these flavours bagged Taste of West Awards this year – one gold (Elderflower) and two silver (Raspberry & Orange and Cranberry) – great minds (and tastebuds!).

Norcotts Cider Gift Pack

Norcotts Cider Gift Pack

All in all, it’s a new brand to add to the fridge – best stock up quickly. You can find yours in selected Waitroses, local West Country stores and from the Norcotts website. I really like the cute gift pack which you can pick up with 12 bottles of your fave flavour for £28. Keep up the good work, Chris!

A x

NB. I met Chris in person at the Kliver Court Farm shop where he was hosting a tasting. Another must visit! No free product samples were provided and all my thoughts are my own.

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