New food and drink at M&S…

Taking a little tour around M&S, I spotted a few products that caught my eye. Here a few piccies of my finds…

The world food aisle has transformed into a hub of GORGEOUS artisan ingredients spanning European favourites to further afield American and Asian all star ingredients (loved the authentic pancake mix and the nori papers for sushi making). There are some true gems in here and just as good as any deli!

The launch of a new frozen range which I thought had prettttty simply dishes that wouldn’t take very long to put together (ie. cheese pasta bake!) with a hefty price tag (£6)

I absolutely love the m&s Cornish Cruncher cheese which is baked in a terracotta pot and has a sharp, tangy edge to the creamy cheesy goo. So when I spotted the Cornish cruncher cheese straws (£2), these had to go in the basket!

I couldn’t find a price for the chocolate stirrers but thought they were a cute idea for elevenses

Wish I’d bought a bottle of the celery bitters – very unusual to add to cocktails and I am supposing it would mainly be used for bloody Marys. In fact the M&S cocktail range is great – some premixed versions of my favourites (Negroni and Gold G&T bottles). It’s not just me who likes these, Deputy Editor of Saturday magazine (Daily Express) does too!

Have you seen anything exciting in the supermarket recently? If so, I’d love to hear from you!









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