Christmas nibbles

KETTLE chips have launched three brand new limited edition flavours for Christmas and I was lucky enough to be sent a few bags to see what I thought. You simply can’t beat a glass of wine and a handful of KETTLE Chips when it comes to a girls night in. My helpful assistant, Amy of Arts End of Nowhere was on hand to help with the test – thanks Ame!



White Stilton and Port – the first original Winter limited edition launched back in 1998 and I’m not surprised that it’s been coming back year after year after that thanks to it’s popularity. This crisp is a crowd pleaser and it’s no wonder as it combines the British classic pairing of stilton and port. A definite winner.

White Stilton and Port

Cheshire Cheese, Red Wine and Cranberry – my personal favourite, however the slight red seasoning did put me off slightly. A balsamic tang is met by whole heartedly cheesy, almost cheddar-like richness. You’ll be pleased to hear you can grab this bag until March 2015


Salsa & Mesquite – it’s a no from me as this crisp is all smoke and no spice. We did polish off the bag though! Can’t beat a KETTLE Chip even if it isn’t to your taste.. (there is a petition to bring back this flavour since it was discontinued in 2007!)

We had a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to match with it. Here’s my fave tipple of late to party the night away from Villa Maria estate. It’s fruity, fun and easy going – bursting with apricot and passion fruit flavours. ASDA has a great deal on at the moment £7.50 from £10.98.


The limited edition KETTLE Chips are £2.19 for 150g bag and available from all major retailers until at least the end of Dec 2014 (March 2015 for the Cheshire Cheese flavour)


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