How to choose the best Champagne and other fizz this Christmas

Couldn’t have said it better myself.. So therefore I won’t.. Here’s over to the Wine Wankers for some top tips on champers this Xmas xx

The Wine Wankers

If you’re anything like the Wine Wankers – you choose to step up your game at Christmas time.  In fact, my pet hate are relatives who skimp on wine.  And when it comes to bubbles, that means the good stuff.  Ah yes, the good stuff, what does that actually mean?  Sparkling wine falls into three distinct categories on Christmas day as far as I’m concerned.  For the toast, you’ll need the really good stuff.  And by that, I mean French Champagne.  My preferred staples from years of tasting are Charles Heidsieck, Veuve Clicquot or Lanson. And if you really want to impress, Perrier-Jouët, Billecart-Salmon and Bollinger.

Drink French all day if you can afford it, but if you’re like most, you’ll be looking for a quality Australian or New Zealand sparkling wine to supplement.  Look no further than Chandon or Jansz, which are often on…

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