2015 new year’s resolutions

New year, new you, new hopes and new dreams. Start afresh. Start over again.

Like most of us, I like to use this time of the year to rest, recuperate and rethink.

Last year I did pretty well with my resolutions – again I’m commiting these to the blog so they stick. There’s already plenty that I’d like to accomplish within 2015 so I’d best get started!

Top tip: Did you know it takes four weeks to form a habit? Stick to something for longer than 28 days, regularly checking in and reinforcing your determination every day and it will become a lot easier. Promise!


1. Become more mindful by practicing one aspect every day

Starting Yoga was my 2014 success so in 2015, I’m keen to improve on this and become more mindful. A direct definition of mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

In my mind, it spans from avoiding impulsive (and often rash) decisions, decluttering both mind and workspaces as well as allowing space to breath and reevaluate immediate goals and tasks.

I’ve been reading INTO MIND’s fab blog on minimalism. I am a notorious hoarder and harbour clutter wherever I go so will start off with completing their 30 day minimalism challenge. Check it out!

2. Declutter my inbox – unsubscribe

Hand in hand with the above, I’m serious about unsubscribing to any newsletters, offer alerts or mailing lists that are no longer relevant. 2015 will not be about trawling through over 50 emails a day and wasting valuable time. However, I won’t be sacrificing updates from my favourite blogs – I’ve joined BlogLovin’ which accumulates any blog updates into one daily email. Worth doing!


3. Run a half marathon

Two 10ks and four 5ks under my belt provide the perfect base for a half marathon. I’d been meaning to complete this in 2014 but got all too wrapped up in 10ks. On 17th January I’ll be running a 200k gym challenge with a group of friends to raise money for Ebola treatment centres – effectively a stop/start half mara but I’ll be signing up for a full half in summer of 2015. I’d love it if you’d sponsor me here


4. Enrole in tennis lessons

2014 was all about watching tennis, even boasting a full blown picnic in front of the telly in my flat. This year, I’m getting behind the net and practicing my swing. Regents Park and Paddington Recreation Ground both offer group or private lessons so once Spring hits, I’ll be hitting balls left, right and centre.


5. Juice!

Six months in and I am still head over heels for my NutriBullet. It’s a great way to add extra veggies to your diet as well as nutritious fruits and seeds. Ideally I’d like to juice fast once a week with adding a juice as breakfast every day. Let’s keep it simple and just say expand my juicing repertoire…

6. Maintain 2014 resolutions… at least no smoking and giving blood regularly

Lest not forget 2014 and the good habits that I did pick up. I ran two 10ks, became a regular blood donor, started running weekly with Nike Town runners and most importantly, I quit smoking last year and chuffed to pieces that I’ve kept it up. It’s helped my fitness, skin and made me feel empowered that I’ve finally shaken the dirty habit.

Here’s to 2015! 

Have you set any targets for this year? Please share below – I’d love to hear from you..


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