A few of my favourite things… February 2015

Hands up, I’m spoilt.. So spoilt but grounded.. And certainly not materialistic – however there are just a few things that have walked into my life this month that I simply can’t get enough of and make me grin from ear to ear whenever I think of them. Quick, put the lock on your wallet as, I think you’ll agree!

Golden Glitter moon boots
My affectionate nickname, Gold Bould, coined by the gorgeous Amy.B.Smith over at ArtsEndofNowhere, is ringing true with this new purchase. Fab from apres to au revior – enough said!
IMG_2087 IMG_7489
These most likely deserve their own post but undoubtably one of the best and nicest surprises I’ve ever received from the boy. Moist with a crunchy crisp outside and gooey middle plus tangy with subtle creaminess on your tongue. Heaven in even numbers! I tried pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel and praline – all perfect in their own right.
So not a purchase I currently own but would love one of these. The best bit? You can comfortably fit inside hand luggage limits of all airlines (even EasyJet and THAT is small..)
Topshop matte Leigh jeans
Black may not be a colour but it is certainly a trend. I’m a fan of the leather look; wedge trainers, black matte jeans matched with another face purchase of mine from Hampstead – this gorgeous leather jacket with removable fur collar.
My pet hate is flat Champagne, or Prosecco or Cava for that matter. If you order bubbles, you expect lots of fizz! Maybe it was the beautiful day on the piste and celebrating my dad’s birthday but this gorgeous bottle of Pommery really made it for me. Light, fresh and not too dry; love the crisp, minute bubbles which lasted forever. Viva Champagne!
I’ve got a bit of an addiction; to sunglasses. After the 20th pair were bought, I realised some girls have handbags, some have shoes.. My thing are sunglasses (despite living in a country where we rarely see sun!).
That’s by the by, what is true is that reflective lenses are all the rage and I just loveeeee my new black shiny rims with blue reflective lenses. Next on the list are the tortoiseshell with red lenses by Specktre. Pose away!
My diet and waistline thanks the guys at Kallo for saving them precious inches. A fab substitute for crisps, I eat these when I’m craving a snack at work or 5:2ing as they come in at 33kcal per cake. The only cake you can eat on a diet!
See! Not just “stuff” for you to envy! I found this podcast after searching for anything by the Eton Messy label. Saw them dj at Glastonbury and ever since, have been desperate to plug into fun filled, pumped up and rolling basslines that remind me of Ibiza in the sun. I’m now subscribing and listening to this weekly podcast whilst running. I recommend Eton Messy or Bondax for fun, fresh beats.

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