Pho’s fab mood boost juice

A spot of shopping can only be made even better by the snacks and treats you eat along the way. I’m all for shopping until dropping but refuelling is needed or else be prepared to meet Hangry Anni!

This refuelling sesh hit Pho, the Vietnamese noodle house, in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush. I usually hate going to chains but the wafts of lemongrass alone was enough to make my mouthwater let alone the thought of nutty chilli goodness that is sprinkled on top of those gorgeously long and beautiful wok noodles.

I’d not seen it advertised before so decided to try the Pho “mood boosting juice” – a delicious combination of beetroot and ginger. And it certainly didn’t disappoint – the team load this liquid joy with ginger and lemon but the beet still shines through (and not only in just the colour).

I loved it so much, I’ve decided to try the recipe out for myself at home. Here’s what I’ve got so far which is a very similar likeness and plus won’t cost you a pretty penny (/£3.30 for the pho version!)

Hope you enjoy!

Anni’s take on Pho’s mood boosting juice (certainly great for liver cleansing too!)

  • 2 beetroot
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/2 squeezed lemon
  • A thumb of ginger (perhaps 2cm)
  • Optional: Sprinkling of spirulina – my faithful friend!

Then blast for around two minutes or until creamy and smooth.


2 thoughts on “Pho’s fab mood boost juice

  1. Hi Anni, thanks for sharing a recipe on the juice… I think I have all the ingredients to make one for breakfast tomorrow!

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