Easy peasy Madras curry; with Tastesmiths

Meet Sally and Stef, they’re a mother daughter team and they know how to cook. They can even teach you (they caught me! In an evening)
Tastesmiths was founded five years ago by the dynamic duo and now stock seven spice packs varying from Indian curries to Persian Khoresh and Goan Prawn Curry.
The evening, held at my favourite London cookery school Food at 52, was hosted by the pair. With me, was the resident cook in my household – the Boy. He decided on a spicy Madras – a bold choice!
Food at 52
Can I just mention that we would never have attempted this at home. Not without the handy step by step guide and foolproof ingredients within every Tastesmiths pack.
We were provided with:
  1. 1 x Tastesmiths Madras Pack (this has all the raw ingredients to make the perfect Madras)
  2. Meat (chicken was our meat of choice, but a slow cooked Beef Madras would work brilliantly)
  3. Veggies (cooked onions as the base, chickpeas, peppers, sweet potatoes and aubergines)
  4. Rice and salad to serve
Simply (and I mean simply) follow the instructions on the back of the pack.. here’s a snapshot;
IMG_8212 anni bouldMadras
madras cooking
madras recipe
And the taste? Fantastically authentic. Each curry pack is tested by Sally herself and she knows what to look for”in a hot one”. Want to know yourself? The fatter end of any chilli is the spicier end – test the heat by snapping in half and placing on your tongue.
The pack comes with extra chilli powder in case you want to spice up your life!
Madras curry
Did you know:
  • You can freeze all Tastesmiths ingredient packs (watch out, the chillis get hotter as they freeze!)
  • Adding water will bide you time (for ANY recipe, simply add water to the mix and remove any meat. Let the mixture bubble and boil off the excess water until you’re happy once more and return the meat to the mix)
  • Forget mild and hot portions, simply cook with whole chillis – serve – then mash the remaining curry paste with the chilli in, cook for a further minute or two and voila! One mild and one hot curry!
  • Every spice pack will happily serve two to three people and you can most certainly say “here’s one I made earlier”
£3.50 in the spice packs from Ocado or direct from the Tastesmiths website.
Indian Runner Beer
Match with the light and honeyed tastes of Indian Runner beer. A deliciously light and moreish golden ale.
(Certainly not a red wine – the tannin will increase the heat of the curry. Not a good match!)
Tastesmiths Madras
NB. Thank you to Tastesmiths, Food at 52 and the girls at Cow PR for the invitation to the evening

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