Forget ‘superfoods’, I’ve just tasted the world’s first “super yogurt”. Introducing Skyr from Arla, the Icelandic yogurt which is fat free, reduced sugar and high in protein (and im talking HIGH! It’s got almost 10% more than any other brand on the market). The Icelandic culture are tipped to have one of the healthiest diets in the world so I went to see what all the fuss was about.

Invited to the demure and elegant Ham Yard Hotel for an Icelandic breakfast hosted by the team behind Skyr (pronounced Skee-yur) and fronted by Charlotte Stirling-Reed, a nutritionist who simply thinks that Skyr is great – and she should know, running two of her own clinics and featured on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped programme.

Skyr Yogurt

Skyr Yogurt

Charlotte Stirling-Reed
Hands down I agree. I’m not usually a natural yogurt fan – I find it quite sour with that God-awful tangy aftertaste BUT this simply isn’t case with Skyr. It’s creamy, smooth, decadent but no naughty guilt feeling here! It’s naturally fat free with a low sugar content. It’s very versatile – the most interesting tips that I picked up is that you can add it to soups instead of cream (far healthier option) or even to bake muffins, rather than fatty buttermilk. For this, the larger pots are priced at £1.69 – and come in three flavours, Simply Natural, Strawberry and Mixed with Honey – are best.
Skyr breakfast muesli pots, with honey and banana base and topped with Natural Skyr Yogurt and toasted granola

Skyr breakfast muesli pots, with honey and banana base and topped with Natural Skyr Yogurt and toasted granola

Healthy breakfast
Now I’m heavily focused on my training at the moment so those gorgeously high protein levels are great for after workout recovery and rebuilding muscle tissue. I’m really looking forward to fuelling before tomorrow’s run with a banana and a dollop or two of the individually sized pots (85p each) Available in some curious flavours such as Apple & Lingonberry or Nordic Sour Cherry.
Banana smoothie
Highly recommended – mainly as I’m a constant craver and permanent snacker however following my protein filled breakfast I did not crave a single thing. It’s been heavily researched that protein takes longer to digest in your stomach, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. It clearly works.. Not sure about the banana smoothie above, but good to see it was possible to create liquid variations.
 Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.54.30Thanks again to Arla, Skyr, Charlotte and Cow PR for the invitation plus to all the lovely bloggers I had the pleasure of having breakfast with. 


    1. Hi Marie, thanks for your comment – so lovely to meet you too yesterday and glad you enjoyed reading my post. Definitely send yours over when it’s done. Going to tuck into those lovely little pots soon – I’m excited! See you soon xx

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for reading and your comment. Let me come back to you on that one – pretty sure it’s been made with the Icelandic inspiration in mind. You’re very right to quiz me on it, will double check x

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