Best health and beauty buys at Superdrug

Fallen off the health bandwagon of late? I couldn’t agree more. Spending bank holiday in Rome has done nothing for my beach bod (how very topical at the mo but I am still a true believer of hard graft to get the figure you want – and certainly no need for judgmental advertising, THANKS!)

To help you clamber back on to the straight and narrow, Superdrug have got lots of deals on healthy and generally body beautiful, treat yourself products.

Bits that I am most excited about trying are:

Silver line complete skin beauty – I already take vitamin A supplements but since then my skin has been bouncy, glowing and full of life. Definite recommendation to add some to your diet if you’re not currently taking any. Did you know that you couldn’t get your regular daily intake of Vit A without adding a supplement to your diet?

Scholl Luxury Pedicure Kit – a handy all in one complete with intense serum moisturiser. After all of the walking in Rome, this will quench and soften my soles making them feel silky smooth again. Your feet work hard for you, treat them at least once a week by exfoliating, moisturising and making sure those toe nails are painted at all times!

Barefoot Peppermint & Plum – a handy foot scrub and lotion, perfect for completing my home pedi (as above). Unusual scent to go with it so will need to check that out – fruity minty combo? We’ll see!

Bare bar – I’m a nakd bar super fan so this brand will be put to the ultimate test. Gluten, diary and wheat free (like nakd) will be a great alternative and a healthy addition to my five a day. I’ve got two red berry bars to try and will be the perfect fuel for half marathon training

Watch this space to see how I get on! Have you tried any of these products? If so, I’d love to hear from you


NB. I’d like to thank Superdrug and Kerry for sending me these products to review. Thanks Guys! X


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