Fabletics by Kate Hudson

Hi. My name’s Anni. And I am a fabletics addict.

There I said it. It’s true. I have a harrowing addiction to fitness wear, accessories and gear. I love a tech gadget and am completely head over heels for my Garmin Fitband. There’s not a huge amount that gets passed me without owning or knowing about it.
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson is not only gorgeous, fit, sexy, cool and funny but she’s clearly for one hell of a business brain on her. She launched online fitness brand Fabletics towards the latter part of last year. You might have seen the ads on TV.

I was drawn in by the lure of a half price full outfit (£22) and duly registered into their monthly direct debit scheme (£44 p/month with the option to skip if you remember to click the ‘skip button’ before 5th of every month – something that has caught me out a few times since January *ouch*!). There is also option to buy items without this but as you would expect, they are pretty pricy!
Kate Hudson Fabletics
The website compiles outfits and sends you recommendations via email. Kate is often pictured modelling her own designs – simply gorgeous. Not only are they on trend in a range of bright colours and unique designs but all of the clothes listed use great technical fabrics to make sure you’re kept dry whilst training – perfect. Not forgetting the transformation into a svelte, gym prancing peacock. There is something to be said for motivation levels when you’re looking and feeling great in brand spanking new sportswear!
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.54.30
Here is what I’ve purchased to date and whilst I remember, I MUST cancel that standing order (“oh but it gives you a third off”, my head cries! “Really, I do need a new sports outfit every month… Really I do!”). Now we ALL know that is not true… but wish it was – oh so very indulgent!
Erode (three pieces)
erode fabletics
NB. Most of the sizes ring true but I did find that the tops tend to come in on the big side, perhaps think about going a size smaller if you are thinking of purchasing

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