Muffin Break

There’s nothing better than starting your day off with a filling breakfast. So when myself and the boy were invited to try out what Muffin Break have in store, we were thrilled.
My nearest Muffin Break is based in Archway’s Whittingdon hospital but they are based all over the UK, with 58 branches in total. Find yours here.
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I generally enjoy going for something out of the ordinary and perhaps something I wouldn’t necessarily choose. Therefore, I decided to give the only savoury muffin on the menu a go; Mushroom, Cheese and Onion Muffin. In light of this, as you can imagine I was pretty disappointed that the boy went for the oh so safe and typically traditional ‘Blueberry Muffin’.
 image7 image4
It’s great to see that Muffin Break readily caters for food intolerances by offering gluten free alternatives. My savoury muffin was gluten free and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. Chunks of leek, mushroom and pineapple were dotted through and the sponge was pretty tasty – the odd combination did work, however the taste got a little monotonous over time. I wouldn’t have guessed it was gluten free – good job!
image8 image9
Spot the blueberry (!) – we were pretty disappointed with this one. A tasty sponge but far too little fruit for us. More blueberry in our muffins please!
I certainly applaud the selection – the raspberry and white chocolate is my usual favourite and highly recommended. That’s if you can choose with the likes of ‘Coconutty’, ‘Snickers’ and ‘Triple Chocolate’ also on the menu. The coffee that is their own special blend is spot on – great barista skills at the outlet we went to too. Yum! If I were to go back, I’d definitely pick up one of these delicious spinach and feta pies – and I will be back too…
Why not stop by if you fancy a cheeky nibble or pick up some snacks for a picnic in the sunshine?

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