How to: exercise in the morning

Many people’s instant response to “When do you head to the gym?” is “Always after work or around lunchtime.” “How about first thing?”, “oh no, I could never get up”

If you’re one of those people and you’re looking to make a change, then here are my top tips for you!

Set your alarm 20mins earlier than you need and make sure you get up and make yourself a hot water & lemon / if you really need a sazz; coffee will sort that! So 10mins to snooze, 10 to sit in bed and enjoy the first cup of the morning. You’ll feel much better once that’s all done.

Nike Running Shoes
I literally lay out my clothes – leaving nothing to chance. Who wants bleary eyed underwear choices ruining your day – uh hello, VPL = not sexy!

You don’t want your first experience to set the standard. If it’s snowing outside, get your gloves and hat on – how’s your body going to warm up properly if you’re freezing to death! Training in the cold isn’t all bad news. I heard the other day that you burn up to 40% more calories simply by training in the cold – it takes this much more to warm your body up when the degrees drop.


Just like the commitment to a workout class, you’re much more likely to keep going if you’ve made a commitment to someone. The boy used to keep me company on shorter runs but as I’ve built myself up, he’s less keen to come along. Especially when it involves an early start! Looks like I’ll have to advertise for a replacement. 

That’s a diary for inspiration – if you weren’t sure. Fill it with motivational quotes from your heroes, Keep it with you and fill in/use as a scrap book to give you that push out of bed! Why not start it with a before photo and leave a space for the ‘after’ esults photo.
I really like;
Pinterest boards
Instagram #fitspo
Kayla Itsines and her tribe as role models – some great before and after shots here!

Push those negative thoughts aside and simply sign yourself up. (I did this with my very first half marathon last weekend, the Royal Parks Half Marathon. You can see me basking in the glory of my medal above.) This commitment will ensure that you’re dedicated to training to meet your target. Just think how good you’re going to feel when you achieve it – you’ll have really earned it too.

If you’re committed to turning up to a class, or you’ve shelled out by joining a yoga school – you’re probably more likely to go. Why not choose something you’ve not done before and learn a new skill?


This is honestly my favourite time in the morning, especially in autumn as it’s when those frosty mornings with dewy grass happen. Just take five minutes to appreciate the world around you, and what you have to look forward to for the rest of the day.
Once you get used to it, start incorporating morning runs or swims. Gradually you’ll get used to the routine of it and begin to enjoy feeling smug when you’re travelling to the office. Just think “I’ve already run 10k and it’s not even 9am”. Imagine what you can accomplish by having the time for your social life yet still fighting fit!

Those are just a few of my top tips to exercising in the morning. What are your top exercise tips? Any that I’ve missed? A x


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