Review: Capish? At The Hat and Tun, Farringdon

I love nights like these. You head out, catch up with friends and have a few glasses of wine. What do you want? CARBS!

The Hat and Tun have done it again, created a partnership of high scale proportions. They’ve met good booze, with great food. What a combo.  I know you know… Capish?

Yes, Capish? Yes, they’re the start up that first found their feet at famed London street food market KERB. Since then they’ve taken a break and focused on private events – and I wonder why? Their food is too good for that cattle herd! It’s made to measure excellence!
To start, we had the lasagne roll (£5) I’ve not quite experienced anything like it. Imagine a breaded crust, like a schnitzel… Or for the common person, McDonald’s apple pie crust (that’s doing it a HUGE disservice but it gives you a good idea of what this dreamboat dinner is like!), stuffed with a ragu so smooth with saucy bechamel and mozzarella stuffing. #nom. Excuse the photo, it doesn’t do it justice!
Second up was the speciality, the Braciole Steak Sandwich (£8.50). I only  wish the boy was here to taste this – a thick piece of 45 day aged beef, stuffed with Pecorino cheese, not pulled but the entire piece so tender, the fibres melted away in your mouth. The richness of the bun matched with the buttery meat was just too much. Yes I could eat this dish again and again and again.
And the pièce de résistance – can you tell I’m a fan? The meatballs. What Capish? is all about. It’s how “a mamma” used to make them – no I’ve never had these before. They’re tightly packed, chunks of meaty goodness encased in a sweet and tangy tomato essence. And the garlic? Perfectly balanced. Not like these Italian types who like to lace meatballs like they’re death traps for vampires. No, these are true New York City style.. and the best at that.
For your chance to try the pop up for yourself, GO QUICKLY! The pop up is only available at The Hat and Tun from Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th February and Wednesday 24th – 26th February. That’s your lot. Get them before they’re gone..
3 Hatton Wall
*NB: Thank you to Roche Communications for the invitation to the evening, their fabulous hospitality, Capish? for the fabulous food and last but not least, the Hat and Tun for the enviable atmosphere and cracking wines. I’ll see you soon! xxx

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