Review: Ma’Plucker, Soho

There’s something quite ironic in carrying in your latest spontaneous delivery of workout wear to test drive a London fried chicken joint…

Why the hell not? I’m all about balance and treatin’ yo self once in a while and this girl’s done good of late so off we go to Beak St, Soho where Ma’Plucker has opened.

Have you ever morbidly mulled over what you’d order for a death row last dinner? Mine would be buttermilk fried chicken – hands down. No quibbling there. This then is surely the place for a Monday night feast of dreams. It was pretty cleared out of diners, we had the run of the roost
There’s plenty of choice with its signature 3-way chicken menu. Choose from Buttermilk Fried, Chipotle Roasted or Slow and Low Pulled Chicken. Pick one and team it with a brioche bun, house bun, maple waffle or salad and top it off with the Ma’Plucker sauces: MP Chicken Skin Gravy, Chipotle Chilli Sauce, Kansas, BBQ, Herb dressing or Maple Chilli Glaze!
 Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.54.30
Beverages come under hard liquors and mixers, a boozy ice tea and soft drinks. They were all out of Sam Adams beer for the boy so he was a bit disappointed. Not for long though, the staff are so delightful – they’re pleasant, friendly and just the right kind of attentive – it genuinely made up for the fact that we rattled around in the coup that evening.
Meal wise we tucked into a Chipotle Rotisserie chicken – I am sad to say that this wasn’t spiced at all. However when matched with the Chicken Skin Gravy, it was a total success. Thick and decadent, fragrant with rosemary and thyme – like REALLY fragrant.  The gravy sang through and was dancing all over my tastebuds – I loved it!
 Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.54.30
My buttermilk chicken had a great texture – not as much spice as I would have hoped for but the crisp and crunch of the breaded coating was enough inside the sticky sweet bun that I’d coated in the chilli maple glaze. Go for the glaze – it isn’t spicy at all (more spice please) but gives it a sweet and salty taste. Top!
On the side,I was very intrigued by the Crack and Cheese. Mac and cheese is another of my weaknesses – so when a breaded scotch egg type ball of Macaroni cheese arrived, I knew I was in for a treat. Highlight of the evening for SURE! Gooey, cheesy, warming comfort food to the max. Had a bad day? Order this! It will sort you right out!
These mains are damn filling –  we nearly couldn’t face dessert but we found room for the warm mini donuts to share complete with caramel sauce. Now this is naughty, but oh so nice. The best you’ll find outside of a fairground. The sugar rush took over and we were gorging ourselves like no tomorrow. If only it could have been accompanied with a short sharp espresso that would have been good but unless I am mistaken, it’s just filter here for now.
 Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.54.30
For a weeknight bite to eat or en route home from a night out, 100% I’ll be back – I’ve got the loyalty card! Those mini donuts and mac and cheese ball *nommmmm* will be on my mind again!
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 19.54.30
75 Beak Street
London W1F 9SS
phone: 0207 096 2046

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